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Mental Health Film Review Best #1

die why die outdoor shoot

“Die Why Die” the film was selected at the Woodpecker film festival talks about taking initiative and also supporting people with mental health issues. This mental health film review emphasises the feelings of the person, the use of information, education, and communication to bring about the desired change. It provides a crucial message for the youth and for taking action for people in need.


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Written & directed by : Talha Sultan Chaudhry
Cast :
Shadab Khan, Anshul Paul, Mohit Das, Faisal Simon

Film Festival Selection

The film was selected in the Health and Sanitation category at the Woodpecker film festival. The festival is hosted to screen social issue-based films in the country.

68 documentaries, short films from 21 cities are selected for screening at the Woodpecker International Film Festival (WFF), organized at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi.

“Die Why Die” mental health film review

It is a movie by GenNext Studio & Creative Motion Art that tackles a touchy topic. Balancing professional and personal life can be difficult with the daily stresses, anxieties and can spiral out of control.
A difficult daily life combined with not clearing your mind and intra-personal issues can be devastating.
Making a situation within one’s mind becomes so extreme that he/she take such a drastic step to break away from the situation. The film shows the aftermath of an attempt and what the person feels immediately after the action, providing a crucial social message. Reviewing the film, it is hard not to feel moved by the scenes and sounds.

The Filmmakers take the bull by the horns by showing the contents in a raw manner while providing an example that experimenting to further social issues using the power of story-telling can indeed create a better world. They confront a contemporary developmental issue and although hard-hitting, it is encouraging to see a story that dives deep into the feelings of a person undergoing depression.

The narrator-actor Shadab has pulled off the emotionally heavy narration and expression with a lot of heart and authenticity providing depth to the director’s vision. Leaving a message of hope and action at the end of the film. With that being said, the director Talha Sultan Chaudhry and producer Faisal Simon have done a wonderful job when maintaining the sanctity of the topic.
The film puts out the message, staying within yourself will only increase suffering, and seeking help or communicating will be a small step but a giant shift towards mental peace and wellness.

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Behind The Scenes

Outdoor shoot

Mental Health Film Review Film Screening

The film premiered at Gulmohar Hall at Indian Habitat Centre. It was a non-profit screening, which means you didn’t need to pay to watch the film.
After the screening and tea break, the film team hosted a Q&A with eminent medical professionals, talking about mental health and its effects on society.

Mental Health Film Review
Mental Health Film Review Film Screening


It is a very important film for me, it taught me many things, do what you can, while you can, and with what you can. It’s been emotional, educational and explains my life’s rationale – Talha Sultan Chaudhry (Director)

The moment I heard, I was convinced that this story needs to be made. It was an enriching experience as a producer to bring Talha’s vision to life – Faisal Simon (Producer)

The atmosphere on the set was great, it made shooting intense sequences a breeze.
The film has a heart of gold, it urges you to Communicate – Shadab (Actor)

It was a challenging shoot, taking a shot from two different perspectives, projecting two aspects of the same character – Rahul Harit (D.O.P)

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