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Dear Mandela Film Review Best #1

Dear Mandela Film Review Shadab

Dear Mandela film review talks about this multi-award winner showcasing the plight and triumph of the poor in South Africa, in the largest movement after Apartheid. Scenes where the authorities come in and tear down the lives of slum dwellers. Rather than removing the systemic elements that cause the rise of slums, gets you hooked in this documentary.


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Directed by : Dara Kell, Christopher Nizza
Cast : Zikode, Mazwi, Mnikelo and Zama

Dear Mandela Film Review Trailer

“I would like to ask Mr. Mandela how does he feel, what he has been jailed for has never been achieved”

Dear Mandela film review

It was Nelson Mandela’s objective to build homes for the locals and create an equal society. Following the story of the activists lead by Zikode who struggle for the right of the poor to live in their settlements. The internal strife among the settlers is memorable, shows the different thought process of the individuals who face the same issue. Their varied beliefs and loyalties lead to varied approaches towards the idea. 

The only solution that comes out of the arm twisting by the government is to challenge it constitutionally. The David vs Goliath battle between the shack dwellers and the party is a sight that makes you think about self and how conveniently an individual’s place in society can get disregarded.

Other Languages

Dear Mandela film got translated to other languages. The voices in the Hindi dub did a fair job in translating the feel and pain of the characters. Particularly a job well done by Shadab, a talented young actor who voices the male characters. It does justice especially in the case of the protagonist and patrons who show a great amount of distress. The film was screened by local NGOs in Indian cities to raise awareness.

Reasons to watch

In a post-apartheid South Africa, it follows an extraordinary journey of the Abhlali BaseMjondolo movement. The stories of Mazwi, Mnikelo and Zama. Mazwi a high schooler who knows what he wants from life and is ready to take the lead in the movement. Mnikelo an activist who for the cause puts it all on the line. Zama a college student and mother who does all she can to make it right for her family and the movement.

Based in New York Dara Kell is a South African filmmaker & writer. NYC Born and bred Christopher Nizza is a filmmaker and editor.  The filmmakers do a good job of showing the story as is and not transforming the content in the pursuit of sensationalism. Even then the film is well made and of top-notch quality maintaining the delicate balance.

Dear Mandela Film Review

Dear Mandela film review

My rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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